Full time Artist

About Jolina

Jolina Anthony was originally born in Germany and moved to Mallorca 8 years ago, where she also has her studio. She can provide more than 20 years full of experiences in painting and is working as professional artist in sunny Spain. Over the years she sold almost 4000 paintings/drawings all over the world. Especially in the United States her art is very popular, so that the American market has got the largest share of sales. In the past, she can look back at big milestones such as collaborations with famous interior designers or Samsung. She has been chosen as one of 100 artists, who were honored to show one of their pictures at the TV „The frame“ while it is switched off. In addition one of her pieces has been showed in a hollywood movie scene „The interview“ with James Franco and Seth Rogen.
Jolina is known for her individual nature and her ability to adapt easy to the modern time and changing current conditions. Therefore she is highly estimated and unique. If you would ask her personally she would say, that her biggest aim is to create high professional and high-quality pieces of art with absolute detailed working methods.

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